Fibre Glider (From 7 months)


Little Baby Grains by Gnubkins

Jointly formulated by a Certified Nutritionist together with a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach, Fibre Glider is aimed at promoting healthy bowel movement among babies. 

✔️Can be cooked as porridge or rice
✔️For 7 months till toddler
✔️Safe to consume daily
✔️Recommended for babies with constipation or to maintain good bowel movement
✔️Soak at least 15 minutes before cooking
✔️Fast cooking, cooking on stove takes about 15-20 minutes

Weight: 520g, 40 servings.
Usage Instructions: Store in fridge. Mix well, soak and wash thoroughly before cooking.
Ingredients (Origin): Natural white rice (Malaysia), premium brown rice, organic millet, organic pearl barley (PRC)
Best use by 30 April 2023