Pasta - Vegetable, Rice & Quinoa (From 7 months & above)


Little Baby Grains by Gnubkins

A unique combination of rice, vegetables and the highly nutritious "superfood" quinoa. 

Great as finger food or baby-led weaning. Gluten-free. Easy to cook, cooking on stovetop takes about 8-12 minutes. 

This pasta is gluten-free making it accessible to babies with gluten allergies! Blending is recommended for babies below 1, or if baby is practising baby-led-weaning, this pasta is great for fine motor skills development!

Weight: 125g, 10 servings.
Usage Instructions: Keep in a cool and dry place.
Ingredients (Origin): Organic rice, organic quinoa, organic beetroot, organic spinach, organic turmeric (Bolivia).
Best use by 29 December 2023